SEMI on Holiday

Recently, several events prevented the author of this blog from authoring this blog in a timely fashion. Three large research papers had to be completed. One city had to be moved from and one city had to be moved to. Several prepositions had to be left hanging. One little sister had to be deposited safely on the San Diego shore for the beginning of her college career. Shifts had to be worked. All that. But SEMI is back online, with new and exciting content for the masses to be posted soon. Swine flu update? Check. Discussion of nurse practitioner residency programs? You got it. Op ed piece on the inappropriate medicalization of larger sociopolitical problems? Coming right up. Pictures of me in my naughty nurse outfit? For the right price. Stories about crazy patients, dying patients and hot doctors? Hmm. I think there’s ER reruns on TLC or something. But I’ll try. Stay tuned.


2 Responses to SEMI on Holiday

  1. Whitny says:

    Not to worried about nurses being replaced by giant robot bear things. I’d love to see that robot bear nurse insert an IV into a premature newborn’s scalp. I’d also like to see that thing decipher a physcian’s handwriting. Maybe the robot bear will earn the OSHA stamp of approval if it cuts down on back injuries, though.

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