Save the Date… and save the NM nursing practice act

New Mexico is in danger of losing its nursing practice act, along with its board of nursing, because the legislation is up for reauthorization come June 30th 2010. The New Mexico Nurses Association invites nursing advocates to join Capitol Challenge 2010 in Santa Fe on Jan. 28, 2010 in order to learn about the legislative process and support nursing and policy advocacy.

I myself will be making the grueling 40 minute drive from ABQ to attend. I can fit four other people in my car. Be warned: anybody who carpools with me WILL be forced to go to Marias or Tomasitas afterwards for margaritas. Nothing is better than drinking with other nurses and talkin’ shop. For the most ideal drunken story-swapping session, I need at least one or two ER nurses, somebody from ICU at maybe a CNM or community health nurse. Anybody interested in throwing together an exhibit for the Nurses day at the Capitol should contact me as well. I’m thinking cute matching scrubs, free blood pressure screenings and funny yet informative educational pamphlets or cards with information on what exactly an advanced practice nurse is (since no one in the public seems to know) along with important resources for the underserved in our state. Nurse friends, I hope to see you there.


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