Health care is the hot topic of the moment!  This blog definately represents the views of the entire health care industry. Although we don’t usually deal in transparency, I’ve decided to generously bestow this information to you fragile consumers of health care because I read somewhere that communicating with patients in a “sincere” manner prevents lawsuits. And we all know that I need another lawsuit like I need a hole in my aorta. Can you even point to your aorta on a map? It’s right there, below the liver and just left of Kansas.


3 Responses to About

  1. ben says:


    coulda just facebooked you I guess, but I thought I’d get you all excited, with a message in your fan-mail account.
    I’m really enjoying your alibi column, though I wish I could read the hard copy. It’d make you seem more famous.
    I thought I’d drop you a line to say Happy Christmas, please download my Christmas music what I made, and check out my latest blog, as it has first hand information about UK health care. all at:




  2. ben says:

    wait? I just posted that to the world?

    • Whitny says:

      yes you did! and you totally betrayed the fact that you’re British, since you said Happy Christmas!!!

      I will check out your blog fo’ sheezy. xo.

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